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Cultured Nut / Cashew Cheese - Vegan Cream Cheese

Cultured Nut / Cashew Cheese - Vegan Cream Cheese



Health - Most of the commercial vegan cheeses are made from processed ingredients, like oils, starch, an

Added on Monday, 17 July 2017
Category:  Uncooked & Raw Vegan, Kids Friendly, Sour, Umami / Savoriness, Blender, Dairy Substitute / Dairy Alternative

2 Cups - Cashew (whole or pieces), soaked, 0.25 Cup - Rejuvelac or water with probiotic powder/capsule (remove capsule), 0.5 tsp - Salt

Waiting time: 1d 8h
Difficulty: Easy

How to Make Thick & Creamy Soy Yogurt - No Fillers, No Thickeners, No Sugars

How to Make Thick & Creamy Soy Yogurt - No Fillers, No Thickeners, No Sugars


WEIGHT LOSS - I never thought that soy yogurt could be such an important weight loss food, until I lost extra weight (about 5-6 lbs in a week or two) just by eating and not even did not exercise at al

Added on Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Category:  Cooked Vegan, High Nutrients (high ANDI score food, G-BOMBS, superfoods), Kids Friendly, Low Carb, Fermented Food, Sour, Soy Milk Maker / Soup Maker, Legume Dish, Dairy Substitute / Dairy Alternative

1 pint - Home-made Soy Milk (store bought will not work), 0.25 packet - Non-Dairy Yogurt Starter

Preparation time: 5m
Cooking time: 25m
Waiting time: 10h
Difficulty: Super easy

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