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Q: What is the difference between your organic cotton and hemp nut milk bags? Featured

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FABRIC: Hemp is naturally stronger than cotton.

THREAD: Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag  -  Our organic cotton bags are sewn with 4 thread overlock stitch, using 100% organic cotton threads.

Hemp Nut Milk Bag - Our hemp bags are sewn with 5 thread overlock stitch, using very durable 100% linen* threads. Linen is made from flax and are several times stronger than cotton. 

WEAVE: The fabric we use for organic cotton nut milk bags is loosely woven, so your nut milk will have some pulp (very little). Hemp fabric is tightly woven - so there will be no pulp. Some people actually like a little pulp, while others want none. Since the organic cotton bag fabric is loosely woven It is a slightly easier to squeeze when preparing nut milk.

STRENGTH: Hemp nut milk bags are stronger. One, because the hemp fabric is stronger, and secondly, because the threads are linen* and several times stronger than cotton.

DURABILITY: Hemp tends to last longer than cotton.

BACTERIA: Hemp is claimed to be naturally resistant** to bacteria.

USES: While our organic cotton nut milk bags are great for nut milk and juicing, the hemp bags can also be used for sprouting.

OUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE: In general, we prefer to use hemp nut milk bag. The hemp fabric is more rough before you use, but gets softer and softer with each use.
For soy milk we recommend organic cotton nut milk bag, since it is easier to squeeze through the loosely woven fabric.

*There is currently no hemp threads on the world market.

**Please still follow the Instruction on how to wash/sanitize the bag.

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