A: We have carefully researched and purchase materials that are from recycled, recyclable and plastic-free. Which include packages, labels, and fill.


To minimize pollution, keep a low eco-footprint and save trees, we do not include packing receipts, unless you request.  


Our product paper labels are made from 100% Post Consume Recycled Paper. We also use 100% post consumer recycled paper for the shipping labels.


Currently all of our products are shipped in 100% recycled paper (50% post consumer and 50% pre consumer) paper envelops.

The envelopes can be reused and/or recycled! - We attach the shipping label (recycled paper) using biodegradable and easy-to-peel-off paper tape and use the metal clasp with the same type of tape to seal the envelop. This way we avoid permanent (non-reusable) glue seal. We do this so that you will be able to peel off the tape and shipping label and reuse the envelope! You can recycle the paper envelop, but more eco-peaceful would be to reuse it!


Our product packaging is plastic-free! We do not package our products in plastic bags and do not use any earth polluting and animal killing plastic for packaging or labeling our products.


We use only biodegradable tapes for sealing cartons and packages. It is an easy peel-off natural colored crepe masking paper tape with a rubber adhesive or transparent biodegradable tape (made from cellulose).


Currently, we use standard petroleum based ink for printing product labels and shipping labels.
We are researching alternative inks (non-petroleum based), understanding that we also do not want to support GMO soy based inks.


Please contact us if you know of any Eco Peaceful inks, or is you have any other eco-friendly suggestions.

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Lena Mumma
Author: Lena MummaWebsite: http://youtube.com/user/EcoPeaceful
Co-Founder of Ecopeaceful, LLC
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I love educating about eco and peaceful ways of living, and every now and then exposing people and companies that are not acting in the best interest of the public.
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