EcoPeaceful organic cotton vs hemp nut milk bag


Both EcoPeaceful the Cotton and Hemp Nut Milk Bags are:

★ Reusable,
★ Dye-Free,
★ GMO-Free,
★ Chlorine-Free, 
★ Softeners-Free, 
★ Synthetic/Plastic-Free,
★ Multipurpose,
★ Compostable, 
★ Biodegradable, 
★ Plastic-free & No Virgin Paper labels or packaging (we only use recycled paper),
★ VEGAN (non-animal derived and no plastics/synthetics that can harm and/or kill animals),
★ Glue-Free (no glue - also known as "seam sealant” - or "wax" is used in the fabric production or the sewing process),



Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - certified 100% organic cotton, USA Grown & Made. Cotton fabric is softer than hemp fabric, but hemp gets softer and softer with each use. Cotton is naturally soft to the touch, but hemp is naturally rough, if you buy a hemp nut milk bag that is soft like cotton, it is because softeners was applied to soften the hemp fabric. There are no softeners used on our hemp nut milk bags.
Hemp Nut Milk Bag - 100% hemp fabric manufactured according global organic textile standard made in China.
Note: According to our research (as of July 2015), if you see a hemp bag labelled "MADE IN USA", it is deceptive since: A) hemp is illegal to grow in the USA and B) no hemp fabric is being currently made in the USA.


Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - sewn 100% organic cotton threads sewn with 4 thread overlock stitch.
Hemp Nut Milk Bag - sewn 100% linen threads, sewn with 5 thread overlock stitch. Linen is made from flax and are several times stronger than cotton. Linen is made from flax and even gains strength when wet!


Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - The fabric we use for organic cotton nut milk bags is loosely woven fine mesh, it is much finer mesh than any extra fine weave cheesecloth, so your nut milk might have some pulp (very, very little), but our customers said it is strains "completely strains out the sediment", here one of Amazon review for our organic cotton nut milk bag "I have used this bag at least twice a month for the last 1 1/2 years, and it still completely strains out the sediment of almond and coconut milk like it did on day one. I previously used a very fine mesh strainer, but it always left sediment in the milk." 
Hemp Nut Milk Bag - Hemp fabric is tightly woven - so there will be no pulp. Since the organic cotton bag fabric is loosely woven It is a slightly easier to squeeze a liquid. So far we tested most of plant milks and we noticed that only soy milk is easier to squeeze through our organic cotton bag.


Hemp nut milk bags are stronger. One, because the hemp fibre naturally stronger than cotton, and secondly, because the sewing threads are linen* which is several times stronger than cotton.


Hemp fabric tend to last longer than cotton, at the same time we have customers who have used their organic cotton bags regularly for several years. Here is one of our Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag Reviews "We bought an Ecopeaceful nut bag sometime ago and I must tell you— it's well made and durable. More specifically, we've had it for a couple of years and used it everyday for making nut milk. We also used it to press out vegetable, root and fruits juices. Organic cotton means we didn't have to worry about harmful chemical byproducts. This thing is durable and seriously a high quality compared to others we know." SilkOn Skin


Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - 365 day warranty*
Nut Milk Bag - 420 day warranty*
  *home use


Both bags are multipurpose, both are great for making seed/nut milk, grain/legume milk, juicing, cold brew coffee, soups... here are a few exceptions/differences:
Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag - We recommend for soy milk, since it is slightly easier to squeeze through the loosely woven fabric.
Hemp Nut Milk Bag  - We recommend for sprouting, due to the constant moist environment involved in sprouting, since both hemp (fabric) & linen (sewing threads) are naturally resistant** to bacteria and microbes,


Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag does not naturally have antibacterial properties. Organic cotton nut milk bag needs to completely dry in between uses and are not recommended to be moist for a long period of time.
Hemp Nut Milk Bag - Naturally has antimicrobial/antibacterial qualities which is why we recommend this bag for sprouting and if you live in high-humidity environment.


Bags with rounded corners are easier to clean. Due to the hemp fabric weave the hemp nut milk bag might be slightly easier to clean any remaining pulp.


We specially designed and sew our nut milk bags so they will dry faster than other bags. We only have a 2x fold not a 3x fold on the draw string holder/casing area. This means one less layer to dry, which leads to significantly less chance of: mold, fungus and bacteria. This can be very important for health and convenience, unless of course you live in the ultra-low humidity of a desert!
There are a lot of myths being told by the nylon nut milk bag sellers on internet that drying cotton or hemp bags takes much longer. We tested side-by-side the nylon bag vs our organic nut milk bag, and both bags are fully dry within an hour. Our natural fabric bags might take a little longer, but the consequences for human and planet health of synthetic (nylon, polyester) are clearly not worth it.


Even organic fabric production often requires the use of corn starch or potato starch, to stiffen the fabric, to make it easier to work with. Both of our Organic Cotton and Hemp bags contain starch that was applied by the fabric manufacturer not us. We have added nothing to fabric, threads of draw strings.
The starch is mostly (possibly completely) removed after just one thorough washing. If you are on a starch free-diet or do not have potato or corn allergy it is not something to worry about, since all vegetables and most nuts (except coconut) contain starch.

*There are currently no hemp sewing threads on the world market.
**Please still follow the Instruction on how to wash/sanitize the bag.



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