Q: How to Extend Shelf Life of Homemade Raw Almond Milk?

A: Premature nut milk souring is probably the biggest concern that people have with homemade uncooked or raw almond milk, or any other plant-based milks. If improperly managed your milk can go bad the very next day. To prevent premature nut milk souring we have a few important tips for you that can increase the shelf life up to 5-7 days of your raw homemade dairy alternative milks. Uncooked or raw plant based milk on average last about 3 days, but soy milk using my "Separate Pulp without Straining" method lasts about a week, because it is cooked inside the SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker and does not get in contact with bacteria from other equipment or hands. Here are some ways to improve the shelf-life of homemade uncooked raw plant-based milk, such as almond milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, rice milk:


  1. SEEDS - Rinse your seeds very well. Nuts, seeds and grains are all seeds.
  2. BLENDER - Wash very well and completely dry in the upside down position. This prevents collecting moisture and bacteria, especially around the blade. If you have a blender with a removable bottom (example Dynablend Clean and Oster Pro), unscrew the bottom and clean very well before making your nut milk. Sterilizing your blender is another way to keep your blender bacteria free. There are several methods to sterilize: in the dishwasher, in the oven, in the microwave, and on the stove. Here is link to a blog post on the Basics And Tips: How To Sterilize Glass Jars And Bottles. Note: Before using these methods contact your blender manufacturer if these are safe options. My preferred method for my glass blender is to unscrew the bottom and wash very well all parts and then soak the blade and bottom assembly parts in vinegar for about 10-20 minutes and then fully rinse. Used vinegar can be stored for your next soaking/cleaning project or used as a laundry softener.
  3. STORING JAR - Jars can be sterilized in the same manner as blender using several methods: in the dishwasher, in the oven, in the microwave, and on the stove. Please see the link I added in #2 for sterilizing.
  4. NUT MILK BAG - Sterilize periodically (as needed) your 100% natural bag, by first boiling or soaking in vinegar (then rinse out) and then optionally drying in the sun. Full instructions here
    organic nut milk bag nylon polyester threads EcoPeaceful 400
    Here is an image of synthetic threads after use (washing, squeezing...). 
    Note that the tiny fibers are fraying and breaking into tiny pieces.
    IMPORTANT: We strongly do not recommend to follow these methods if your “organic” nut milk bag is Made in China or India (often not noted), since all or most of them are not 100% natural - sewn with synthetic threads and/or has glue at the end of the threads, despite the claims of “organic cotton stitches” and “no glue”. Boiling, soaking in vinegar and sun drying can damage the synthetic fibers, which can lead to chemicals and synthetic particles (plastic) ending up in your food. Polyester thread is not solid thread, it is made from many very thin fibers that are wrapped to make a single thread.
    Brands that advertise as 100% natural or organic, but are sewn with synthetic threads and/or glue: Vitamix filtration bags (they are made by Vermont Fiddle Heads ), Cultures for Health, all or most Made in China nut milk bags: Marna Home Naturals, My Big Fat Organic Nut (milk) Sacks, Eco-Essence - recently changed name to LeCaze Co. and many more). NOTE: After we exposed these facts, some have changes their brand and/or seller account name. I will be making video to conduct and show the textile burn test to expose fake natural and organic nut milk bags. Subscribe to my youtube channel or newsletter to get notify. 
  5. VACUUM SEAL JAR - You can get a vacuum seal attachment for mason jars to improve shelf life of plant-based milk. I purchased my vacuum seal for $5 in a garage sale, but I rarely use it, since the nut milk I made is consumed in my family relatively quickly.
  6. REFRIGERATE - As soon as you made the milk, place it in an air-tight glass jar. When using your milk, try to return back to the fridge as soon as possible. I prefer to use mason glass jars hat have the 'wide mouth' for easier cleaning, along with stainless steel lids, instead of the standard lids that come with mason jars. Based on my research, stainless steel lids are the safest option, since the standard/included mason lids have a coating (probably with BPA or similar), rust quickly. While your milk may not have direct contact with the lid, consider that water in the milk evaporates and condenses onto the lid and then drops back into the milk.
  7. PASTEURIZE - Common recommended temperatures and times - Standard Pasteurization: 145 degrees F and maintain temperature for at least 30 minutes. Flash Pasteurization: 165 degrees F for at least 15 seconds. Remember to stir constantly to maintain an even temperature and avoid scalding/burning. Be aware that heat can damage EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids).

You do not need to throw away slightly sour plant milk, it still can be used in cooked/ baked recipes such as pancakes, bread and pasta, or it can be heated almost to the boiling point and all sourness goes away. I usually slowly cook it by adding some organic blackstrap molasses, vanilla powder, pumpkin spice until I do not taste sour and then drink warm. Yummy!

DISCLOSURE: These are suggestions only and we are not responsible for unclean equipment, food or environments and/or spoiled food.
This article contains Amazon affiliate links to products that we actually use, and based on our research they are currently the safest available.

TO NUT MILK BAG SELLERS Please do not copy our content as it is yours to your free bonus e-books! Our content is copyrighted, it is illegal and unethical to copy other people work to profit with your fake organic nut milk bag business!

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