A: The weave will shrink a bit after hot water washing, for me this weave is perfect, It works perfectly well for nut milks and the milk is very smooth.

My son is VERY picky, so if the nut milk wasn't smooth I would be in trouble!

People can be very particular about their food, so I would not make a public/marketing claim for a very smooth milk. In comparison to the common nylon/plastic nut milk strainer my 100% organic nut milk bag makes the same smoothness.

If you are interested in reading more about my story and how I originally (ignorantly) started with a toxic nylon paint strainer (marketed as nut milk bag) and the reasons I came to make these bags http://ecopeaceful.com/index.php/products/organic-cotton-nut-milk-bags

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Lena Mumma
Author: Lena MummaWebsite: http://youtube.com/user/EcoPeaceful
Co-Founder of Ecopeaceful, LLC
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I love educating about eco and peaceful ways of living, and every now and then exposing people and companies that are not acting in the best interest of the public.
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