A: The good news is that all of our current products (as of this writing - January 31st, 2013 - that includes: Nut Milk Bags, Tofu Cloth / Cheesecloth and Tea Bags) are made of only 2-3 materials - fabric, threads and drawstring.

Fabric - The final product is 100% certified organic.

Threads and drawstring* - Made from 100% certified organic cotton yarn.

Finished products (e.g. complete nut milk bag - fabric, threads and drawstring) are not certified organic.

Copies of the organic certifications can be provided at request

To summarize - Our Nut Milk Bags are made of three materials and all three are sourced from certified 100% organic cotton. Our end product is not Certified Organic, yet all of the original cotton is certified organic. There is no additional coloring/dyeing, finishing, dipping… Our bags have only been sewn on a sewing machine. A sewing machine that we WILL NOT let synthetic threads or fabric, or GMO cotton near! Seriously!

Personal Note: We have been personally upset with the organic textile certifications, because most of the "certified organic" items have polyester threads and synthetic tags, and they do not even have to label that the product is made with synthetic threads!!! Currently we have no plans to pay the certifying organization for their low standards certifications!


*Certified organic cotton is used to make the final threads and drawstring. The end product (threads and drawstring) are not certified. They are sold as 'made from' certified organic cotton http://www.fiberactiveorganics.com/products-page/sewing-categories/natural-organic-cotton-thread-12000yrd-cones. Fiberactiveorganics.com told us "Our braid is not end use certified but is made of 100% organic cotton that is spun in Peru." The same applies for the threads.



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