We are a home based, family owned green business, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
We produce and resell Eco Peaceful products, as well as educate and promote an Eco Peaceful Lifestyle.
We do not knowingly sell products made directly from:

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as Genetically Engineered),
Animals (no parts, secretions or excretions) All products are suitable for even the most pure vegan!
Animal Testing
Unfair Trade or Labor Companies



Eco – Environmentally-friendly or as less foot print as possible
Peaceful – Peaceful/Non-violent lifestyle (actions and products)



We strongly believe in the motto - Live simply so that other may simply live!

Our Current Eco Peaceful: Standards, Practices, Steps & Strategies

Here is a short list of the 31 ways that we are ReDucing, ReFusing/ReJecting, ReCycling, ReUsing/RePurposing and ReProducing/ReCreating.


Fossil Fuel (Gas & Oil)


1.) No commuting - Working at home auto-magically reducing gasoline consumption.

2.) Shipping - Orders a transported by bike to a closest USPS mail drop box. (see image on right )



3.) Light bulbs - Low wattage (florescent and LED)
4.) Lighting use - We always turn off lights when not in a room and always turn off/hibernate our computers and equipment when they are not being used.
5.) Solar shading - Temperature reducing (heat reflecting) window shades (reduces air-conditioning load and use)
6.) Cooling - We maintain low body fat to handle higher indoor temperatures, set thermostat at 88 degrees, use direct fan cooling instead of indirect air conditioner and turn on the air-conditioner only a few times a day when outside temperature goes above 110F. Keep in mind we live in the Las Vegas HOT summers desert! Our typical electric bill when air conditioner is not used is around $30 a month! When air conditioner or portable electric heater used it is only around $50 (only 2-3 months out of the year).
7.) Refrigeration - Energy Star Rated efficient refrigerator with freezer on the bottom.
8.) Website Hosting - Hosted by 1030% Wind Power!


9.) Water heating - Set to low and only raised higher for a temporary/short time period a few times a month.
10.) Heating - 2 months out the year we use gas heating and our bill raised to about $25 when it is normally around $15, ($10 is just to keep the service!)
11.) Cooking - We eat a mostly fresh/raw/live food diet, but my son 'strongly requests' at least one cooked food meal every day and recently we start to use home made solar oven to warm/cook vegetables, grains and legumes. Especially, since we realize that it is very wasteful to cook inside the house in the summer if at the same time we are trying to cool the house.
12.) Less showers/baths - See water reduction strategies, below.


13.) Toilet - We use low flow toilets.
14.) Brushing teeth - We do not run water while brushing our teeth.
15.) Less showers/baths - Because we:

A.) eat a very clean (toxin and junk free, mostly organic) diet, we find that we do not smell or have to wash off toxins and poisons we would normally perspire, nor do we need or use perfumes,
B.) don't have special hairdos and don't use cosmetics and chemicals on our skin or hair,
C.) wash our elimination ("private") parts immediately,
D.) don't work, play or exercise in dirty or toxic environments...
we have found less need to shower or bath our entire body everyday. We do partial body washing (feet in the sink, towel wash specific areas...)


15.) Packaging, shipping labels & product cards descriptions - All made of 100% post consumer paper.
17.) Printing - We only print onto paper only when absolutely necessary. Most (about 95%) of our shipping is shipped in small 100% recycled paper shipping envelopes and the shipping information is printed directly onto the envelope instead of onto shipping labels.
18.) Toilet paper - It is a great invention, but it is usually packaged in plastic (usually non biodegradable) and the recycled toilet paper contains small amount of BPA (Bisphenol A). We use recycled toilet paper, a bidet, or washable organic cotton cloth as a toilet paper.
19.) Paper towels - No need! We only use washable 100% organic cotton or hemp towels.


20.) Packaged products - We do not use any ''throw away” / single use, non-biodegradable plastic of any kind in our products or packaging. We usually refuse to buy products (food, office and business supplies...) because they have been packaged to much material and/or non-recyclable plastic or any plastic.
21.) Bottled water - We use reverse osmosis water filtration and/or filtered water instead of bottled water.
22.) Plastic produce/shopping bags - We mostly shop at Farmers Markets and in the produce (fruit and vegetable) and bulk section of the grocery stores, and use BioBags and/or organic cotton bags.
23.) Animal products - Due to the environmental destruction and empathy extended beyond only our human species - we refuse all animal products. Here are a few: skins (e.g. leather, furs, wool...), muscles and organs ('meat' products), digestive fluids (e.g. rennet from the stomachs of baby cows, used to make cheeses), secretions (dairy products), excretions (bee stomach regurgitation, aka honey). We also refuse products that use animal parts and labor. For example: sugar (filtered through animal bones), glues made from animal hooves, plastic bags (the non-stick 'slip agents', is made from animal fat), tires made with steric acid (derived from animals), fabric softeners contains Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride which comes from cattle, horses and sheep), shampoos and conditioners (most can contain some or all of 20+ ingredients derived from animals), and toothpaste containing glycerin (which can be derived from animals).

 ReCycling eco-fitness-recylce-trash-picku

24.) Our Containers - Recycle is a last resort, especially plastic. Often plastic being ship to china to recycle and process is toxic to workers. We often use principal if we can not reuse non biodegradable packaging we do not buy the product.
25.) Clothing - Old clothes/items, retired technology equipment (computers...) are donated to charity/reuse stores (aka Thrift stores).
26.) Other People's Containers - We recycle not just our own packaging, but even other people 'trash'. When we see other peoples trash (plastic bags, plastic bottles, metal cans...) on a ground we stop and pick up. We separate and recycle in a different locations - for example plastic bottles tops and plastic bags our home curb recycle does not accept, so we to take it to location that does recycle specific items about every other month.


27.) Products - We buy mostly used or refurbished sewing machines, technology, clothing...
28.) Composting - We compost our food scrap.
29.) Containers - We reuse glass jars, BioBags.


30.) Detergent - We make our own natural laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, personal care items.
31.) Personal Care Products - We make our own personal care products. e.g. deodorant is backing soda and essential oils



Organic - We only use organic cotton fabric and threads. (Most organic fabric products are sewn with polyester or nylon threads.) Also, our products do not contain any plastic: tags, labels or packaging!



I initiated this company accidentally! I searched the world (through the internet) and could not buy or find any non-toxic, non-GMO nut milk bags to make nut milk for my family. All the nut milk bags on the market were made from toxic plastics (nylon or polyester) or the 'natural' (organic cotton or hemp) nut milk bags were sewn with polyester sewing threads! I felt very deceived and upset when I found out they were selling the 'natural' nut milk bags as "100% organic cotton" or "100% hemp nut milk bag" with polyester that I decided something had to be done, to offer both truly 100% organic cotton and expose the deceptions and facts! I had never even sewn with a machine in my entire life... but I was determined!
To read more details about my journey how these nut milk bags started our business, read my article: My Nut Milk Bag Story

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Lena Mumma
Author: Lena MummaWebsite: http://youtube.com/user/EcoPeaceful
Co-Founder of Ecopeaceful, LLC
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I love educating about eco and peaceful ways of living, and every now and then exposing people and companies that are not acting in the best interest of the public.
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