• Creamy Vegan Chocolate Smoothie - High in Omega 3 Fats

    TASTE & TEXTURE - This Vegan Chocolate smoothie recipe is our family's favorite, and it is 'spoiled teen' approved! It is not very easy to feed healthy and whole foods to my spoiled teenage son, so I created this recipe since it tastes delicious and has a creamy and fluffy texture. The Flax seeds makes it creamy, and chia seeds and avocado makes it thick, fluffy and light. Lecithin makes in this recipe is optional, but it creates a more creamy and almost dairy-like taste. See more information bellow in the "recipe notes" how to buy a Natural Lecithin without any solvents, such as acetone, ethanol or hexane.

    NUTRITION - I created this smoothie purposefully to be very high (almost 1000% RDA for adult female) in Omega-3 fatty acids, since my son usually does not eat food high in Omega-3s. Most Americans are deficient in Omega-3s, even those who chose to eat fish. Humans do not need to imprison, manipulate and murder fish and deplete our oceans to get Omega-3. Walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds are all high in Omega-3s, and you can have undamaged Omega-3 fats from nut/seeds, while fish is usually cooked, which is damages Omega-3s (and all other mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids). Most of the fish oil supplements sold on the market are actually bad (rancid). So if you prefer to get Omega-3 from a supplement and chose not to harm and kill fish, it is better to buy vegan DHA (made from algae) (Amazon affiliate link) than from fish. This vegan chocolate smoothie also has about 60% Protein, 70% selenium, 40% calcium. I use https://cronometer.com to evaluate nutrition of the food, which uses the data from USDA database.

    WHAT? FAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS? - Contrary to a popular, yet unscientific, belief that only low-fat diets help you to lose weight, scientific studies actually show that adding nuts and seeds (high in fat) into your diet, can actually help you to lose weight, and even live longer! The satiating quality of fatty foods can also help people reduce their cravings, as well as reduce and eliminate their desire for animal foods which helps them stay on a vegan/plant based diet!


    Blender - The only equipment you need for this chocolate smoothie recipes is a blender. If you do not want to consume plastic scrapes and Teflon flakes* from plastic high-speed blender containers, then we recommend using a glass jar blender without plastic on the bottom like the Oster Pro 1200 (Amazon affiliate link).
    NOTE: According to independent studies, "BPA-free" plastic claims have been shown to be untrustworthy!  I recommend the $59 Blender Oster Pro 1200(glass jar blender without plastic on the bottom) to avoid the many toxic chemicals from plastic leaching into your food and avoid supporting the plastic manufacturing industry as much as possible. Click here to watch our videos about "BPA Free" claims & Blenders.

    *I call plastic high-speed blenders, "Plastic Scrapes and Teflon Flakes", since the food, spinning at up to 300mph, is scraping the plastic sides, while flakes of Teflon come off of the blade assembly! According to independent studies, the plastic that used in BPA-free blenders are not truly BPA free.
    INFO ON TRITAN™ PLASTIC, Tritan plastic used in Vitamix, Blentec and many others claimed "BPA-free" blenders:
    Migration of plasticisers from Tritan™ and polycarbonate bottles and toxicological evaluation. Are Any Plastics Safe?

  • White Chocolate with Cacao Nibs Mesquite Smoothie

    I love to make smoothies with local foraged ingredients and hemp seeds, since they are high in omega 3. Sad and unfair that it is illegal to grow hemp seeds in the USA.
    Mesquite is a super food as well as other legumes, which is luckily widely available in many USA desert  cities,  (Nevada, Arizona, mesquite pods so yummy..., see my short video - Mesquite Pods so Yummy that Goats Fight (Butt Heads) over Mesquite!


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