• Cauliflower with Flax Crumbs

    As a child, I loved cauliflower with bread crumbs, my mother fried bread crumbs in butter. As a vegan, I came up with a much tastier and far more nutritious version when compared to the common cauliflower with bread crumbs recipe.
    What is great is that this recipe only requires just a few ingredients, and it tastes so good, that even my usually picky son and cat loves it.
    It is also easier and faster to make (no frying). It is so simple that you don't even need to follow any measurements, but I will offer my suggested measurements anyways. I just 'eyeball' the ingredients and it always comes out great tasting!

  • Kayla Itsines sues Freelee The Banana Girl. Is 1600 Calories Starvation? Freelee got it WRONG, again!

    Kayla Itsines, fitness trainer, chose to sue Durianrider and Freelee (well known on YouTube) for false and maligning claims about her and her partner Tobi. Freelee and Durianrider tried to claim that they were being sued for "freedom of speech" (an attempt to use the Straw Man Fallacy).

    As of 3/31/2015 all parties have now come to a settlement.

    Let's take a closer look at the "starvation plan" claim.

    One of several of Freelee's claims  freelee durianrider kayla itsines starvation 1600 cal Kyla's response kayla itsines sues freelee durianrider for false claims



    Freelees' "famine" claim: Freelee made a claim in one of her videos (apparently taken down due to a court order) "World Health Organization [WHO] says 'anything under 2,100 calories is a famine."

    It seems that Freelee did not actually check what WHO actually says about famine. She possibly just read a "Natural News" article, where the author made the inaccurate claim that the "World Health Organization declared that starvation begins to occur under 2,100 calories per day"

    Fact: According to WHO "For a short period of time 1700 Kcal daily will prevent severe deterioration of the nutritional status, and famine."

    freelee claim vs fact WHO 1700 Kcal prevent famine


    Freelee and Durianrider recommends eating below 10% of calories (Kcal) from fat, but they seem to not want to promote what WHO recommends for fat consumption!

    FACT: WHO recommends 20% calories (Kcal) from fat  
    "Minimum total fat intakes for adults a
    • 15%E to ensure adequate consumption of total energy, essential fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins for most individuals.
    • 20%E for women of reproductive age and adults with BMI <18.5, especially in developing countries in which dietary fat may be important to achieve adequate energy intake in malnourished populations.

    Maximum total fat intakes for adults a
    • 30–35%E for most individuals."

    Freelee the banana girl raw till four nutrients starvation plan


    Raw Till 4 diet plan day 2 sample is shown using Cronometer.com that even at 3000 calories, this macronutrients focused plan does not meet all essential nutrient requirements!

    Does it then qualify as a nutrients starvation plan?

    Warning for woman! If you physically cannot eat and/or if you think it is gluttony to eat more than 3000 calories then you will not get your minimum nutrient requirements. I suggest that you review and consider a high-nutrient vegan diet for weight loss and health gain (example Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet)


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