• Oil Pulling - CocoWhite or DIY? Easy, Eco & Low Cost DIY Oil Pulling

    Have you noticed the CocoWhite oil pulling buzz on the internet?
    Learn here how this buzz is created, and most importantly, we will show you a far more eco-friendly, low cost, non-toxic and super easy way to use a common glass jar of coconut oil for oil pulling.

    Source: http://ecopeaceful.com/blog/health/item/71-oil-pulling-cocowhite-or-diy-busting-cocowhite-s-myths-marketing-strategy

    1) Less plastic pollution - better for our environment, better for us and better for the animals!
    2) Glass jar - more eco-friendly vs throw-away, single-use packaged CocoWhite
    3) Eliminates the possibility of toxic chemicals from plastic (especially soft plastics which usually have phalates added to make the plastic soft) that will enter into your body after being absorbed by the coconut oil and possibly more so if the flavoring contains essential oils, which are normally purposefully stored in glass containers due to the fact that they can 'melt' through plastic. Oil tends to interact more with the plastic, than other substances, which can lead to more toxic chemicals being released from the plastic into the oil. Glass is an inert product that does not react with any oils.
    Got BPA? We see no mention of "BPA Free" on the plastic sachet or the box. Even if it did you may not be aware the INDEPENDENT (as in not paid or influenced by the manufacturer) studies show that BPA free often contains BPA and several other other TOXIC ingredients! See our video why I not longer use BPA free containers 
    4) Organic coconut oil - clean product for us, clean environment for workers and animals.
    5) Save money, a lot of money! 
    DIY vs CocoWhite $4.38 vs $38.51
       Coconut oil (Organic) in glass jar $12 = 32 Tbsp or not Organic at $8!!!
       CocoWhite (not Organic) in throw-away, single-use plastic sachets £19.99 GBP + £5 shipping about $40, 14 sachets = 14 Tbst
       1 sachet (1 Tbsp) of CocoWhite $2.85
       1 Tbsp DIY $0.375 + few cents for a few drops of lemon or mint essential oils.
    Oil pulling CocoWhite or DIY eco peaceful



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