• How to Make Thick & Creamy Soy Yogurt - No Fillers, No Thickeners, No Sugars

    WEIGHT LOSS- I never thought that soy yogurt could be such an important weight loss food, until I lost extra weight (about 5-6 lbs in a week or two) just by eating and not even did not exercise at all. I usually do 'productive exercise' (garden work, bike riding, walking...) but in the very hot Las Vegas summer, I could not go outside often or for very long. I could not believe that my weight just dropped by eating homemade (full-fat) soy yogurt. I also did not restrict any foods, I included fats or oils and I even ate late when wanted. But when I stopped eating yogurt and other fermented food, I gained my weight back, so from now I will make sure to spend a few extra minutes to make soy yogurt weekly. There is even a scientific study on dairy yogurt that confirms my weight loss. Dairy yogurt uses the same probiotics that make soy yogurt. I am not supporting or recommending dairy yogurt since it is a product of exploitation and violence (cows are usually forcibly impregnated ('rapped') and their baby calf is taken away, only so that humans can consume cow's milk). Dairy has also been proven to be unhealthy.

    HEALTH GAIN - Despite allot of misinformation on the internet, scientific studies clearly show (without pro-meat/dairly industry bias) the benefit of consuming soybeans. "In summary, the clinical and epidemiologic data indicate that adding soy foods to the diet can contribute to the health of postmenopausal women." Soy foods, isoflavones, and the health of postmenopausal women

    Insights gained from 20 years of soy research. "There is intriguing animal and epidemiologic evidence indicating that modest amounts of soy consumed during childhood and/or adolescence reduces breast cancer risk....reduces prostate cancer risk and inhibits prostate tumor metastasis......suggestive epidemiologic evidence that soyfoods lower risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) independent of effects on cholesterol."

    PROBIOTIC I mostly use black soybeans (see bellow why I choose black soybeans vs yellow soybeans) to make soy milk and soy yogurt. I noticed that fermenting into yogurt, makes the color chang to a nicer and brighter purple color. Fermented soy study Probiotic Bacillus spp. in Soy-Curd: Nutritional, Rheological, Sensory, and Antioxidant Properties "Coculturing of probiotic Bacillus spp. during soy-curd preparation improves nutritional property of the product. Enhanced mineral content is an additional advantage. In addition, the observed increase in antioxidant activity is an encouraging attribute for its health benefits. Further, Bacillus spp. in soy-curd retained their probiotic properties including gastrointestinal tolerance and antimicrobial activity. Therefore, from nutraceutical point of view, it can be considered as nutritionally rich, health-promoting probiotic product." 

    black soy yogurt fermentation color change

    THICK YOGURT ONLY FROM HOMEMADE PLANT MILK - I noticed that many people try to make yogurt from store bought plant-based milks, and they get a very bad results, and/or have to use a bunch of additional thickeners. Store bought plant-based milks contain very little actual soybeans or nuts/seeds, most of it water with useless (tongue tricking) fillers/thickeners that do not have any good nutritional value. I calculated that typical store bought almond milk contain ONLY 4 almonds in a cup! For more information read my article about store bought plant-based milks here (coming soon). To make soy yogurt thick, creamy and nutritious we need to use actual soybeans. Using store bought milks we are just throwing away our money, effort and polluting the earth with throw-away cartons. Some people say that using store bought milk requires twice as much of the yogurt starter and it is still very watery. I tested my home made milk using only 1/8 of the yogurt starter and it was as thick as using a whole pack.


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