• How to Re-Cover/Renew Bike Handlebar Grips (plastic-free, GMO-free option) under $5

    Here is one way to save money, reduce plastic trash, and avoid plastic leaching toxic chemicals to into your body!

    I ride my bike, which is more than 10 years old, every day for transportation and exercise and have noticed that the plastic handles over time become very sticky and it feels very uncomfortable. I am concerned that the toxic plastic and chemicals are may be absorbing in to my body. I was definitely not interested in buying new plastic handlebar grips, especially since they would require replacing every year or two. I experimented with wrapping cotton twill tape and I love how it feels and it even works better than original plastic grips!

  • My Nut Milk Bag Story - How they came be Created

    It all began with my uneducated enthusiasm and frugal nature. The first bag I bought was an 'inexpensive' "nut milk bag" on eBay. I admit, I was simply looking for an cheap ('low cost') nut-milk bag! 

    A few months later I discovered I could buy the same product as a paint strainer (NO JOKE!) at the local Home Improvement or Hardware Store for... $1! The worst part of this purchase is that I don't even drink nut milk (or any type of milks/mylks). My intention for buying the paint strainer (sold as nut milk bag) was so that I could make almond nut milk for my young son. To buy a synthetic (nylon, polyester) so called "food-grade" nut milk bag for 10 times the price of the paint strainer! After doing some research I realized PLASTIC TOXINS were not an option for me because there is very little differences between "food grade" and non-food grade nylon or polyester.

    nut milk bag reality

    Toxic nylon paint strainer bag

    When I started to learn more about plastics I did not like the idea of having my organic food making contact with nylon (in Russia, where I am from, doctors do not even recommend wearing synthetic clothing!) but I thought it was a better option than buying nut milk from a store stored in a plastic lined (usually) unrecycled aseptic containers. They seem so clean! BUT, not so clean of toxic plastics!

    plastic toxic aseptic container layers


    I was upset when I found out I could no longer easily buy unpasteurized almonds, and then I was straining my organic milk through a toxic nylon bag! I began to realize that the nylon plastic nut milk (paint strainer) was much more harmful and toxic than pasteurized almonds. I found it odd that almost everyone was so upset about pasteurization but ignorant and/or OK with the toxins from the plastic that was in contact with their food!
    I began a search to look for non-toxic alternatives. At first I bought hemp bag in a local Korean market, but then I read that hemp can be treated with toxic chemicals to make the fabric softer. Then I decided to buy an organic cotton produce bag and use it as a nut milk bag. But, when I receive the bag I saw that it had plastic/synthetic tags! Then when I bought organic bags and/or other organic product I started to notice all the plastic tags. I then started to question the type of sewing threads that were being used and the material used in the drawstrings. When you see description of product "100% hemp bag" or "Made of first-grade 4 oz. Organic Cotton Muslin Fabric, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).", most people seem to assume that the threads and cording are also made of the same material. Like most people I had assumed automatically that everything when it says organic it meant that all was organic. But to my SHOCK, after months of exhaustive research I was unable to find even one bag made of all (100%) natural non-toxic ingredients! Yes, not ONE!!!

    SHOCKING FACT: Almost all of the "100% hemp" and "organic cotton" bags have threads made of polyester and the cording is usually conventional cotton (nor organic, which can be from GMO cotton)!

    Of all the the dozens of bags I research and bought, NONE had a full content descriptions. All labels simply described the main bag material, conveniently leaving out the facts that the cording and threads were from toxic and conventional (possibly GMO) origin. To get this information and the full facts, I had to email the sellers and manufacturers directly. Several well known sellers even refused to respond to my probing questions about the inclusion of plastics and possibly GMO in their ‘natural’ ‘organic’ bags!
    One organic cotton clothing company even claims that their product is "synthetic-free", but was still using polyester threads! Reminds me of the saying:

    ‘What you don’t know, can’t hurt the sales of the company!

    I was so sickened by the responses from the "100% hemp" and "organic cotton" bag sellers/companies, when I questioned their use of toxic and conventional (possible GMO) sewing thread and draw string content!

    plastic nut milk bag threads
    Close up of fraying from polyester sewing threats

    Here is on the picture I took of the synthetic (plastic) threads from my paint strainer bag and polyester thread from my slightly used "Simple Ecology" produce bag. As you can see polyester threads are fraying and can easily get into your nut milk or nut milk pulp. I have no issue eat organic cotton fiber, but I am horrified to think that petrochemical synthetic fiber can get into my food, especially with all the toxic outgassing leaching of nylon and polyester materials!

    I could not even find organic or non-GMO cheese cloth anywhere in the whole USA.  I eventually gave up on searching... and decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) to fix this hidden toxic situation by producing my own pure organic nut milk bags!
    After a few month of research I bought two costly sewing machines, had private sewing tutoring - since I had never sewn with a machine before! After several days of failing, I was eventually able to create an absolutely amazing 100% organic cotton nut milk bag! After putting the bags through many kitchen tests I was confident of their durability. I thought others would find the value and have now chosen to sell them at a price that competes with the standard prices of toxic plastic (nylon, polyester..) and non-organic nut milk bags!
    My bags are 100% organic cotton material - fabric, threads and drawstring

    Comparison table of nut milk bags, including paint strainer and organic cotton produce bag.


    Eco Peaceful
    Organic Nut Milk Bag

    Simply Organic
    Organic Cotton
    Produce Bag

    Filtration Hemp Bag

    Paint Strainer The Raw Food World
    Nut Milk Bag

    Diana Stobo
    Nut Milk Bag

    The Health Seeker's
    Nut Milk Bag

    Material / Fabric

    Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton Nutmilk Bags - NO GMO ingredients

    Organic cotton Hemp Nylon Nylon Nylon Polyester

    Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton Nutmilk Bags - NO GMO ingredients


    Polyester Nylon or polyester

    Nylon or polyester

    Possibly made with GMO ingredients

    Conventional cotton possibly gmo)
    wrapped polyester


    Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton Nutmilk Bags - NO GMO ingredients

    Possibly made with GMO ingredients

    (possibly GMO)

    Flax Elastic top Nylon Nylon Nylon / polyester mix
    Bag Size 9.5" x 14" 10" x 12" 9" x 12" 11" x 14.75" 9.5" x 12" 1 Quart 11" x 11.5"
    Fits on 64 oz.
    Yes Yes May Be Yes Yes ?? Yes
    Color / Dyes 100% undyed,
    brown bag is
    color grown cotton
    Undyed No ?? ?? ?? ??

    Noorganic cotton nutmilk bag - no-toxins

    non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins  non-organic plastic toxins
    Yes, 100% biodegradability
    (in only a few months)
    Polyester sewing
    threads which
    almost never biodegrades, even
    if with organic cotton
    Polyester sewing threads which
    almost never biodegrades
    Nylon Fabric- 30-40 years Nylon Fabric - 30-40 years Nylon Fabric -
    30-40 years
    Pollyester fabric possibly almost
    never biodegrates.
    Country Origin of Fabric Grown, woven and sewn in USA India China, sewn in USA
    Made by Vermont Fiddle Heads
    ?? ?? ?? ??
    Price Buy Now
    $7.99 - 9.99with Free Shipping on order over $25
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    $10.95 (3 pack)

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    $1.94 (2 pack)

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    NOTE: Table information was last edited and updated on 11/19/2012

    1 - Nylon and polyester may contain any or all of the following: Estroginc Activity (e.g. BPA, BPS...), Phthlates, Antibacterial Chemicals, Antimony, Lead, Cadnium, Styrine and other Toxic Chemicals. Unfortunately the manufacturers refuse to divulge all included ingredents used in the manufacturing and processing of their products.

    Educate yourself more about toxic plastics!


    Plastic Planet - full documentary available on Netflix
    Plastic Cow
    Bag it - Available on Netflix
    TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch - 40 videos!

    100% organic cotton nut milk bag oval shape

  • Q: Does cotton mold even when washed and dried properly?

    Q: Is it true that cotton molds even when washed and dried properly?

    A: We have sold thousands of organic cotton nut milk bags over that last 3 years and we just recently received our very first complaint [with a one star rating on Amazon] that our cotton bag hard to dry and smells. Please see our comment under amazon review for more details.

    My first guess is that review was from someone selling synthetic (nylon or polyester) nut milk bags, or someone who lives in a very humid environment. We tested our organic nut milk cotton bags at 60 F with 40% humidity, and it dries within 1 hour. The fabric has small holes (open weave) so it dries faster without any reduction in strength than similar types of natural fabric .

    FACT CHECK: Millions of people wear cotton clothing, numerous other cotton products and even use thick towels repeatedly after showering and simply hang them to dry in bathrooms that are often humid. If this claim was really true, then how do we account for all the cotton items properly left to dry (without a dryer) that are not moldy? Certainly, if you were to not properly wash and dry even synthetic materials can form: mold, fungus, bacteria...
    If your bag is intended to be wet most of time (as it is for sprouting) or if you live in very moist (high humidity) environment then we recommend our Hemp nut milk bags which are sewn with linen threads. Hemp and linen both naturally have antibacterial & antimicrobial properties.



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