• Creamy Strawberry Vanilla Vegan Ice Cream

    My son's favorite homemade ice cream recipe is Vegan Strawberry Vanilla Ice cream.
    Easy - Super easy to make with a high powered blender. It is so easy that I never have to measure the ingredients, so it is hard to mess up this recipe.
    Blender - This recipe was made in the Dynablend blender (Glass & plastic-free container). Note: Different size blenders might require you to adjust quantities to be able to blend thick substances.
    Ratio - You do not have to stick with my ratio. If you like it sweeter, add more dates, if you like it creamier add more cashews.
    Vanilla - Can be added to taste as much as you like. I have vanilla powder and I shake very generously as I like vanilla.
    Lecithin - in this recipe is optional, but if you can find GMO-free Soy Lecithin I think it is beneficial and it creates a more creamy and almost dairy-like taste. Another option is sunflower lecithin, but I only see it sold online.

  • White Chocolate with Cacao Nibs Mesquite Smoothie

    I love to make smoothies with local foraged ingredients and hemp seeds, since they are high in omega 3. Sad and unfair that it is illegal to grow hemp seeds in the USA.
    Mesquite is a super food as well as other legumes, which is luckily widely available in many USA desert  cities,  (Nevada, Arizona, mesquite pods so yummy..., see my short video - Mesquite Pods so Yummy that Goats Fight (Butt Heads) over Mesquite!


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