• Dry Shampoo, 100% Natural, 2 Ingredients! Increase Hair Volume Naturally!


    Low cost - A few penny!
    Instant - Saves time
    No water use, help with
    No cleaning/washing products[1], help environment and you!


    Chemicals from our hair and body cleaning go down the drain and eventually make it back to us throughout the food!
    TOXIC Sewer sludge, which includes things flushed and poured down the drains from residence, hospitals, industry... is processed and tested for only 1% of the potential TOXINS and when it passes these few tests it is then relabeled "biosolids" (a term made for Propaganda) and then applied to home gardens (when gardeners buy packaged soil amenders with the term COMPOST - which is often biosolids) and farm crop fields (except for Certified Organic). If you do not want to feed people and animals the toxic sludge use Certified Organic and biodegradable cleaning products.


    I use organic Dr. Bronner's soap bar (I use unscented, since the scented soaps make my hair look greasy) and as a hair conditioner - organic vinegar (most white vinegars are made from GMO corn)

    Learn more about toxic sewer sludge

    Toxic sludge, being put in school gardens! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIlw1M6ARW8
    Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes https://www.onf.ca/selections/films-change/visionnez/crapshoot_the_gamble_with_our_wastes

  • Features of our 100% Organic Nut Milk Bag

    Our Organic Nut Milk Bags are the only Organic Nut Milk Bag that is truly 100% COMPLETELY ORGANIC - including the sewing threads and drawstring!

    BUYER BEWARE: Several other nut milk bag producers/seller claim that their bags are 100% natural or organic, BUT we have found that their bags are in fact sewn with polyester threads!

    Our video gives FULL details along with actual Textile Burn Test of threads: 
    FAKE Organic Nut Milk Bags (not even 100% natural) on Amazon. Burn Test (feat. Hemp Nut Milk Bags) 

        - Endocrine disruptors (alters your body’s endocrine system)
        - Glues and other toxic chemicals 
        - GMOs (93% of US cotton are grown from Genetically Modified Organism seeds)


    1.) Got Birth Defect & Cancer Bag?

    Nylon and polyester are synthetic, meaning that are made from petrochemicals, which are carcinogenic and toxic - from drilling > to manufacturing[1] > to disposing.
    The negative effects are systemic
    - most petrochemical plants have major chemical leaks into the ground
    - petrochemical plants pollute the: air, soil and water[2], 
    - people who live next to oil refineries have an 85% higher risk of birth defect[3], as well as higher numbers of cancer* and other diseases!
    *Nylon fiber exposure almost doubled women’s risk of breast cancer[4], according to a 2010 study in the British Medical Journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

    2.) Got Estrogenic Activity?

    BPA-free labeled plastics/synthetics still are leaching estrogenic activity chemicals. Mother Jones magazine published an excellent article that describes testing, whereby Tritan "BPA-Free" plastics (which is used in VITAMIX, BLENDTEC, NINJA and other "BPA-free" blenders) leaches estrogenic compounds. In fact, the main ingredient, TPP (triphenyl phosphate), is even MORE estrogenic than BPA[5].

    3.) Got Synthetic (nylon, polyester) Threads?

    Organic Nut milk bag sellers that claim they are made from 100% organic cotton or hemp are NOT truly 100% organic or hemp! - The “100%” claims are only referring to the fabric, not the sewing threads or drawstring! Most (all, according to our research of nut milk bags sold around the world) of the "organic" and "hemp" nut milk bags are sewn with polyester threads. Of course they do not willingly advertise this important detail!
    Polyester threads are fraying (falling apart) and can easily get into your nut milk and other food products. Our human body has no problems eating fraying organic cotton or hemp fibers, but we are horrified to think that petrochemical synthetic/plastic fiber can get into our food, especially with all the toxic outgassing, leaching of plastic/synthetic materials, even the BPA-free plastics have EA (estrogenic activity).

    4.) Got Paint Strainer?

    Be aware that some nut milk bag sellers sell relabeled nylon paint strainer as a nut milk bag.
    Almost all the synthetic (nylon, polyester) nut milk bags (that are sold for as much as $10) are made from the same material as the paint strainers you can buy at any home repair/hardware (Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware...) and paint stores for less than $1!!!!!

    5.) Got Glue?

    The conventional fabric production uses glue in the fabric manufacturing process. Glue is also used on 'natural fabrics'. 
    Instead of glues, organic fabric manufacturers use corn or potato starch.
    In addition, most sewing businesses use some type of glue to secure the garment seams (ends of threads) during the garment sewing process. Of course, we DO NOT use glue in our sewing/manufacturing.

    6) Got Global Warming & Plastic Pollution?

    Nylon manufacturing creates nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. It is a greenhouse gas with 300 times[6] more global warming impact potential than carbon dioxide.
    Both Nylon and Polyester DO NOT biodegrade, which creates an ever increasing amount of plastic pollution. An example of this ever-growing plastic pollution is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is as huge as the United States state of Texas! The toxic plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not just on the surface, it is slowly breaking apart into smaller pieces that are sinking, and is harming and killing, birds and marine animals 24/7 and working its way back into people's seafood meals.

    Read more: Nut Milk Bags - Deceptive and Destructive? http://ecopeaceful.com/blog/health/item/21-nut-milk-bags-deceptive-and-destructive


    Shape: This listing is for oval bottom shape. 
    Size: ~9.5" x ~13" (Fits on Vitamix 5200 and lower models, Vitamix container not included). Note: We do not use plastic Vitamix anymore. Here is my video review "Why I do Not Use Vitamix Anymore" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzdNEAINC20


    Fabric: 100% Organic USA grown cotton
    Sewing Threads: 100% Organic cotton
    Drawstring: 100% Organic cotton
    Does NOT contain: Chlorine, Dyes, Synthetics, GMOs, Glues (No glue or wax used in fabric production, no glue (also known as ‘’seam sealant”) in seams.


    Vegan, Reusable, Compostable, Biodegradable.


    Organic cotton production often requires the use of corn starch or potato starch. The starch is mostly removed after just one thorough washing.


    Cotton bag threads: Our organic cotton bags are sewn with 4 thread overlock stitch, using 100% organic cotton threads.
    Securing threads: The most common practice in the industry is to secure overlock stitch with a glue (seam sealant). We DO NOT use any glues, instead we secure overlock stitches by hand.
    Fabric: Our organic nut milk bags are made from very strong organic cotton USA grown fabric and tested for nut milk and juice straining.
    Drawstring: Our bags are purposefully designed with a thin drawstring to fit on almost any cabinet hinge or hinge screw. Thin and strong drawstring allows it to dry fast and you can simply hang on the almost any cabinet hinge or hinge screw and let it strain by itself until you're ready to squeeze out all the rest moisture.


    Made in USA (Grown-to-Sewn)


    The Eco Peaceful 100% organic nut milk bag design and materials are sourced by Lena Mumma. I am an Eco-conscious and vegan mother, who gave up trying to find a nut milk bag to fit our food safety and Eco Peaceful standards.
    Read my full story how I went from being tricked into buying what was really a repackaged nylon paint strainer "My Nut Milk Bag Story - How they came be Created." http://www.ecopeaceful.com/blog/health/2-my-nut-milk-bag-story


    Customer often ask, “What is the difference between your organic cotton and hemp nut milk bags?” here is the link http://ecopeaceful.com/products/frequently-asked-questions/faq-products/q-what-is-the-difference-between-your-organic-cotton-and-hemp-nut-milk-bags


    Before First Use:

    1.) Hand wash the bag with organic soap*. Rinse well.
    2.) Sanitize by boiling in water for 15 minutes.
    3.) Dry in well ventilated area. (see "NUT MILK BAG CARE - DRYING" in next section below)

    : Keep seams outside for easier straining, cleaning and faster drying.

    *Not laundry or dishwashing detergent

    After Each Use:

    Washing: Thoroughly wash your nut milk bag and then dry.
    Sterilizing: This is the safest option (especially if you use your bag for sprouting).
    Sterilize by: 1.) boiling* or 2.) soak in pure vinegar** or 3.) saline solution** (water and salt - enough salt that it reaches saturation). Rinse well by hand and air dry (ideally in direct sunlight)
    *10-15 min. Note: Your bag may discolor over time from boiling, this is normal.
    **a few hours

    Full care instructions found on this pagehttp://EcoPeaceful.com/strainer-care 


    Having your nut milk bag dry out quickly is important. Drying is usually quick if it takes 1-2 hours, which is common if you live in a dry climate. Direct sunlight speeds up drying time. Make sure that your bag is completely dry before storage. Our organic cotton nut milk bag dries outside in just one hour. Do not use the same washing machine or clothes dryer that you use for your cloths. We recommend against these since they are not known for being completely clean and certainly not clean or safe enough for food items.
    We did a side-by-side comparison of our organic nut milk bag vs a nylon nut milk bag (aka nylon paint strainer). They both dried within one hour in temperature 60 F (partially cloudy), 50% humidity.
    Note: We do not recommend hanging the polyester or nylon nut milk bags in the sun since the plastic will degrade quickly from the UV (UltraViolet) rays.


    1. Community Groups in Texas, California, and Louisiana Sue the EPA to Clean Up Toxic Air from Refineries "About 150 oil refineries in 32 states release more than 20,000 tons of hazardous air pollutants like benzene, cyanide, and formaldehyde every year." http://earthjustice.org/news/press/2012/community-groups-in-texas-california-and-louisiana-sue-the-epa-to-clean-up-toxic-air-from-refineries

    2. To see how the Koch brothers’ free-market utopia operates, look no further than Corpus Christi. "...released 26 different pollutants into the atmosphere, including more than 19,000 pounds of benzene, 25,000 pounds of toluene, 11,000 pounds of sulfuric acid, and 25,000 pounds of hydrogen cyanide." http://www.texasobserver.org/kochworld

    3. ATSDR’s activities in Corpus Christi, Texas, "The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) are concerned for the health of the residents of the Corpus Christi area." http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/sites/corpuschristi/final_report.html#4

    4. Postmenopausal breast cancer and occupational exposures, British Medical Journal - Occupational Environmental Medicine 2010;67:263-269 http://oem.bmj.com/content/67/4/263.abstract

    5. Article: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/03/tritan-certichem-eastman-bpa-free-plastic-safe

    Video: Interview of the author on Democracy Now: 

    6. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Greenhouse Gas Emissions http://epa.gov/climatechange/ghgemissions/gases/n2o.html

  • My Nut Milk Bag Story - How they came be Created

    It all began with my uneducated enthusiasm and frugal nature. The first bag I bought was an 'inexpensive' "nut milk bag" on eBay. I admit, I was simply looking for an cheap ('low cost') nut-milk bag! 

    A few months later I discovered I could buy the same product as a paint strainer (NO JOKE!) at the local Home Improvement or Hardware Store for... $1! The worst part of this purchase is that I don't even drink nut milk (or any type of milks/mylks). My intention for buying the paint strainer (sold as nut milk bag) was so that I could make almond nut milk for my young son. To buy a synthetic (nylon, polyester) so called "food-grade" nut milk bag for 10 times the price of the paint strainer! After doing some research I realized PLASTIC TOXINS were not an option for me because there is very little differences between "food grade" and non-food grade nylon or polyester.

    nut milk bag reality

    Toxic nylon paint strainer bag

    When I started to learn more about plastics I did not like the idea of having my organic food making contact with nylon (in Russia, where I am from, doctors do not even recommend wearing synthetic clothing!) but I thought it was a better option than buying nut milk from a store stored in a plastic lined (usually) unrecycled aseptic containers. They seem so clean! BUT, not so clean of toxic plastics!

    plastic toxic aseptic container layers


    I was upset when I found out I could no longer easily buy unpasteurized almonds, and then I was straining my organic milk through a toxic nylon bag! I began to realize that the nylon plastic nut milk (paint strainer) was much more harmful and toxic than pasteurized almonds. I found it odd that almost everyone was so upset about pasteurization but ignorant and/or OK with the toxins from the plastic that was in contact with their food!
    I began a search to look for non-toxic alternatives. At first I bought hemp bag in a local Korean market, but then I read that hemp can be treated with toxic chemicals to make the fabric softer. Then I decided to buy an organic cotton produce bag and use it as a nut milk bag. But, when I receive the bag I saw that it had plastic/synthetic tags! Then when I bought organic bags and/or other organic product I started to notice all the plastic tags. I then started to question the type of sewing threads that were being used and the material used in the drawstrings. When you see description of product "100% hemp bag" or "Made of first-grade 4 oz. Organic Cotton Muslin Fabric, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).", most people seem to assume that the threads and cording are also made of the same material. Like most people I had assumed automatically that everything when it says organic it meant that all was organic. But to my SHOCK, after months of exhaustive research I was unable to find even one bag made of all (100%) natural non-toxic ingredients! Yes, not ONE!!!

    SHOCKING FACT: Almost all of the "100% hemp" and "organic cotton" bags have threads made of polyester and the cording is usually conventional cotton (nor organic, which can be from GMO cotton)!

    Of all the the dozens of bags I research and bought, NONE had a full content descriptions. All labels simply described the main bag material, conveniently leaving out the facts that the cording and threads were from toxic and conventional (possibly GMO) origin. To get this information and the full facts, I had to email the sellers and manufacturers directly. Several well known sellers even refused to respond to my probing questions about the inclusion of plastics and possibly GMO in their ‘natural’ ‘organic’ bags!
    One organic cotton clothing company even claims that their product is "synthetic-free", but was still using polyester threads! Reminds me of the saying:

    ‘What you don’t know, can’t hurt the sales of the company!

    I was so sickened by the responses from the "100% hemp" and "organic cotton" bag sellers/companies, when I questioned their use of toxic and conventional (possible GMO) sewing thread and draw string content!

    plastic nut milk bag threads
    Close up of fraying from polyester sewing threats

    Here is on the picture I took of the synthetic (plastic) threads from my paint strainer bag and polyester thread from my slightly used "Simple Ecology" produce bag. As you can see polyester threads are fraying and can easily get into your nut milk or nut milk pulp. I have no issue eat organic cotton fiber, but I am horrified to think that petrochemical synthetic fiber can get into my food, especially with all the toxic outgassing leaching of nylon and polyester materials!

    I could not even find organic or non-GMO cheese cloth anywhere in the whole USA.  I eventually gave up on searching... and decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) to fix this hidden toxic situation by producing my own pure organic nut milk bags!
    After a few month of research I bought two costly sewing machines, had private sewing tutoring - since I had never sewn with a machine before! After several days of failing, I was eventually able to create an absolutely amazing 100% organic cotton nut milk bag! After putting the bags through many kitchen tests I was confident of their durability. I thought others would find the value and have now chosen to sell them at a price that competes with the standard prices of toxic plastic (nylon, polyester..) and non-organic nut milk bags!
    My bags are 100% organic cotton material - fabric, threads and drawstring

    Comparison table of nut milk bags, including paint strainer and organic cotton produce bag.


    Eco Peaceful
    Organic Nut Milk Bag

    Simply Organic
    Organic Cotton
    Produce Bag

    Filtration Hemp Bag

    Paint Strainer The Raw Food World
    Nut Milk Bag

    Diana Stobo
    Nut Milk Bag

    The Health Seeker's
    Nut Milk Bag

    Material / Fabric

    Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton Nutmilk Bags - NO GMO ingredients

    Organic cotton Hemp Nylon Nylon Nylon Polyester

    Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton Nutmilk Bags - NO GMO ingredients


    Polyester Nylon or polyester

    Nylon or polyester

    Possibly made with GMO ingredients

    Conventional cotton possibly gmo)
    wrapped polyester


    Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton Nutmilk Bags - NO GMO ingredients

    Possibly made with GMO ingredients

    (possibly GMO)

    Flax Elastic top Nylon Nylon Nylon / polyester mix
    Bag Size 9.5" x 14" 10" x 12" 9" x 12" 11" x 14.75" 9.5" x 12" 1 Quart 11" x 11.5"
    Fits on 64 oz.
    Yes Yes May Be Yes Yes ?? Yes
    Color / Dyes 100% undyed,
    brown bag is
    color grown cotton
    Undyed No ?? ?? ?? ??

    Noorganic cotton nutmilk bag - no-toxins

    non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins non-organic plastic toxins  non-organic plastic toxins
    Yes, 100% biodegradability
    (in only a few months)
    Polyester sewing
    threads which
    almost never biodegrades, even
    if with organic cotton
    Polyester sewing threads which
    almost never biodegrades
    Nylon Fabric- 30-40 years Nylon Fabric - 30-40 years Nylon Fabric -
    30-40 years
    Pollyester fabric possibly almost
    never biodegrates.
    Country Origin of Fabric Grown, woven and sewn in USA India China, sewn in USA
    Made by Vermont Fiddle Heads
    ?? ?? ?? ??
    Price Buy Now
    $7.99 - 9.99with Free Shipping on order over $25
    Buy Now
    $10.95 (3 pack)

    Buy Now

    Buy Now 
    $1.94 (2 pack)

    Buy Now 
    Buy Now 
    Buy Now 

    NOTE: Table information was last edited and updated on 11/19/2012

    1 - Nylon and polyester may contain any or all of the following: Estroginc Activity (e.g. BPA, BPS...), Phthlates, Antibacterial Chemicals, Antimony, Lead, Cadnium, Styrine and other Toxic Chemicals. Unfortunately the manufacturers refuse to divulge all included ingredents used in the manufacturing and processing of their products.

    Educate yourself more about toxic plastics!


    Plastic Planet - full documentary available on Netflix
    Plastic Cow
    Bag it - Available on Netflix
    TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch - 40 videos!

    100% organic cotton nut milk bag oval shape



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