• CocoWhite oil pulling or DIY? Busting CocoWhite's Myths & Marketing Strategy

    Have you noticed the CocoWhite oil pulling buzz on the internet?

    Let us explain to you and expose how this buzz is created, and most importantly, we will show you a far more eco-friendly, low cost, non-toxic and super easy way to use a common glass jar of coconut oil for oil pulling.

    CocoWhite pil pulling or DIY eco peaceful


    1) Unstated affiliate promotions

    Most of the Cocowhite "reviews" that we saw were just BLATANT affiliate sales promotions, without the clearly explained notification (in the video, tweet, Instagram) that the person "ad populum [includes affiliates]– or has been paid by the company to tout the product" [< from FTC Guideline], which is actually illegal according to the FTC if they promote and sell to anyone in the United States!)

    We were surprised to see that even 'eco-conscious' YouTubers got influenced to "review" (promote/sell) CocoWhite which is: A) not organic, B) packaged in single-use throw-away plastic packaged, that's C) also about 10 times more expensive than a common store bought jar of coconut oil and D) requires additional shipping & packaging.

    2) "Coconut oil alone can be quite bitter"

    This is a claim made by CocoWhite and their sponsored video reviews. We have been using coconut oil for over 20 years and it has never tasted bitter, just sweet. If someone is using rancid/bad coconut oil then maybe it might be bitter, but you should not consume rancid oil, it contained damaged oils and it contra-health. This is actually a very good reason for choosing the DIY coconut oil jar vs buying a prepackaged product since you can taste and smell the oil especially if your going to add essential oils or other ingredients that can whiten your teeth. Since CocoWhite uses flavoring you may not be able to identify if/when their oil goes rancid/bad.

    3) "CocoWhite is in high demand!"

    As a consumer, have you thought about asking:
    A) How this "high demand" was created?
    B) Should we be asking for any proof or just take their word for it? and
    C) "High demand" compared to what?

    This is a claim that any company can make, whether it is true or not, and they do not have to provide any evidence to prove that demand is "high"!

    The celebrity endorsements (receiving financial compensation from CocoWhite: e.g. "I partnered with CocoWhite to create this video, for which I received financial compensation.") seems like an exchange for posts, tweets, videos... which is then a company manufactured "demand" and would therefore seem to explain the company claim of "CocoWhite is in high demand!"
    Telling consumers that their products are in "high demand" is a well known marketing strategy to get consumers to assume (not use critical thinking) that a product is popular solely from public demand. It can also make the consumer assume that the product must be good and work well since it is so popular (fallacy of ad populum as in 'If so many people are buying it actually must work').

    4) Spending more money increases habit formation

    One claim made in a video review by a CocoWhite affiliate/promoter "sometimes spending more money on things forces us into a habit, the more we spend, the more accountable, we feel, we want to get full value."
    First, if the external motivation of "spending more money" makes you "more accountable" then it may be time for you to re-evaluate your values and priorities in life! Behavioral science tell us that long term motivation and habits directed from inside motivation(s) are far more effective. and Secondly, same argument can be flipped 180 degree to say that the "spending more money" can actually prohibit people from buying and using!

    5) "it's easier" than other options

    'Easier than using a jar of coconut oil and needed measurement.' Are there any other easy (maybe easier) ways to have oil for oil pulling? See our DIY example below!

    One of the main selling points from Cocowhite affiliates/promoters is this idea that CocoWhite is an easier way to do oil pulling. Have you seen how long it takes to squeeze it out of the sachet (plastic tube)?

    It is 'easy' just to take some of the coconut oil and place in another container for your bathroom (or any room in your house or work place) and/or buy another/multiple jar(s) of coconut oil!

    Our Easy DIY (see bellow) does not require any measurements, plus no need to look for scissors to cut a CocoWhite sachet!

    6) Got Photoshopped images?

    While CocoWhiteUK claims in the text of this Instagram post that "NO FILTERS HAVE BEEN USED", filters are not the only way to 'enhance' photos!

    Note how the:
    A) skin tone gets lighter with each successive (below) image, and
    B) how the shine/refection on the lower lip is brightest in the last image, and
    C) the tips of the two front teeth lose the varied color edge!
    My experience is that this is not a one of, isolated case. I searched and noted numerous images on the internet with similar disparities (significant changes)!

    cocowhite photoshopped



    DIY oil pulling easy eco no toxic way eco peaceful

    1) Pour coconut oil into a glass glass bottle with a stainless steel pourer top (affiliate link) and place in your bathroom or a convenient place where you will remember to use it.
    The melting point of coconut oil is 76 degrees F (24 C), bellow this temperature use other oils (for example sesame oil) or other liquid oils. You can also mix coconut with another oil that has a lower melting point to lower the melting point of the coconut oil.
    2) Optional - Add flavoring or essential oil* other ingredients into the bottle. Shake well.
    3) Pour about 1 tsp - 1 Tbsp of coconut oil into your mouth. Not every mouth is the same size, for some 1-2 tsp. is enough. You do not need to have an exact measurement. After few times you will be able easily identify your preferred amount and how much oil you need to dispense from your pourer.
    4) Swirl for 5-15 min.
    5) Spit out** or ingest
    6) Smile because you just saved about $2.50, and at the same time made a cleaner environment and possibly a healthier you!

    *Flavoring or essential oil ONLY that is deemed safe for internal use!!! As with many extracts quantity and dilution are factors that need to be considered.
    **We have seen no valid evidence that proves that the swished oil needs to be spit out instead of swallowed. The claim that it is now "filled with bacteria" seems odd considering all the swallowing (with and without drinking and chewing) goes on during a day. Do not spit down a drain since it can clog sewer drains and is not good for septic tanks.


    1) Less plastic pollution - better for our environment, better for us and better for the animals!
    2) Glass jar - more eco-friendly vs throw-away, single-use packaged CocoWhite
    3) Eliminates the possibility of toxic chemicals from plastic (especially soft plastics which usually have phalates added to make the plastic soft) that will enter into your body after being absorbed by the coconut oil and possibly more so if the flavoring contains essential oils, which are normally purposefully stored in glass containers due to the fact that they can 'melt' through plastic (especially citrus oils). Oil tends to interact more with the plastic, than other substances, which can lead to more toxic chemicals being released from the plastic into the oil. This is the reason you will find all quality essential oils in glass containers. Glass is an inert product that does not react with any oils.
    Got BPA? We see no mention of "BPA Free" on the plastic sachet or the box. Even if it did you may not be aware the INDEPENDENT (as in not paid or influenced by the manufacturer) studies show that BPA free often contains BPA and several other other TOXIC ingredients! See our video why I not longer use BPA free containers 
    4) Organic coconut oil - clean product for us, clean environment for workers and animals.
    5) Save money, a lot of money!
    DIY vs CocoWhite $4.38 vs $38.51
       Coconut oil (Organic) in glass jar $12 = 32 Tbsp or not Organic at $8!!!
       CocoWhite (not Organic) in throw-away, single-use plastic sachets £19.99 GBP + £5 shipping about $40, 14 sachets = 14 Tbst
       1 sachet (1 Tbsp) of CocoWhite $2.85
       1 Tbsp DIY $0.375 + few cents for a few drops of lemon or mint essential oils.


    We found no high level medical science to prove the claims made by oil pulling advocates, but we found many anecdotal testimonials (Link to an excellent video if you are unfamiliar with the term anecdote: The problem with anecdotes)!

    STUDY: Improvement about equal, but
    A) only two options (sesame oil vs chlorhexidine) were studied, and
    B) it involved a small population sampling

    "A study was conducted by Asokan S et al (2009) to evaluate the effect of oil pulling with sesame oil on plaque-induced gingivitis, and to compare its efficacy with chlorhexidine mouthwash.[19] A total of 20 age-matched adolescent boys with plaque-induced gingivitis were selected for this study. They were divided randomly into the study or oil pulling group (Group I) and the control or chlorhexidine group (Group II) with 10 subjects in each group. Plaque index and modified gingival index scores were recorded for the 20 subjects and baseline plaque samples were also collected. There was a statistically significant reduction of the pre- and post-values of the plaque and modified gingival index scores in both the study and control groups (p < 0.001 in both). The oil pulling therapy showed a reduction in the plaque index, modified gingival scores, and total colony count of aerobic microorganisms in the plaque of adolescents with plaque-induced gingivitis." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3131773



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